Skills Assessment

Accounting and Finance Tests for Hiring

Accounting tests have been specially designed to cater to the pre-hiring assessment for the job roles of finance consultants, accountants and controllers. The test will help you assess the candidate’s ability to interpret reports and statements, and quantitative aptitude in a detailed analysis with actionable metrics

Finance Assessment Tests for Employment

Business Day Online Assessments on Finance covers a wide variety of requirements including Financial Aptitude Test, Finance Beginner’s Test, and Finance Mananger Test. These tests have been designed to identify areas of training an development, and to assess the problem solving, numerical and analytical skills of the candidates.

Pre-Employment Tests for Hiring Marketing Professionals

Mettl’s Assessments on Marketing have been specially developed to assess a marketing manager’s acumen, along with accurately identifying the areas of talent and development. The tests will help you measure advertising skills, leadership quality, and passion for results in an actionable format

Tests for Customer Service Professionals

Operations is a key department of every organization which handles client side requests. Mettl’s Operations Assessment helps in evaluating a candidate’s skills in efficiently managing the smooth running of business which involves planning, purchasing and procurement, supply chain management and distribution of resources, defining, tracking and improving key metrics pertaining to operations planning..

Technical Assessments that Cover a Wide Range of Core Corporate Functions, Industries & Skills

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