Aptitude Assessment

Pre-Employment Tests for Assessing Cognitive Skills

BusinessDay’s Cognitive tests are designed to help you gauge the potential of the candidate and the ability to grasp new concepts which are crucial to his role as an employee in the organization. The tests measure quantitative aptitude, verbal and reasoning skills. These tests have been developed keeping in mind the requirement of the employer while hiring Freshers and Interns.

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  1. See where you are
    Pick your role and complete the relevant skill assessments.
  2. Get your BusinessDay Report
    Once you’ve completed skill assessment, you’ll receive your BusinessDay Report, which tells you your level of proficiency for the role.
  3. Improve your skill
    Based on your BusinessDay Report, we’ll recommend learning opportunities to help you fill skills gaps and get to the next level.
  4. Rock in your role
    Retake the skill assessments related to your role to see how you’ve grown.